Heaven or Hell
It’s your choice


Heaven or Hell?

The  two sides are on the brink of war..
It is time to make your choice..
Heaven or Hell?


Loyal Angelic servants of God who will stand by heavens side in the fight against the banished Angels for the universe and beyond..


Banished Angels who have planned a coup against the servants of God in order to regain control of the entire universe and beyond.



Pre-Launch we will be doing a marketing campaign to increase our reach in the NFT Space and to bring recognition to our project and our future as a whole.


The Release of 7666 Divine Robots starts. Minting begins on our website as announced on discord with a cost of 0.0666 ETH each.


Free exclusive merch drop for Divine Robot holders only. Real life digital frames for your NFT, Hoodies, T-shirts and much more!


The work on a Staking structure begins with the DAO voting on different pools that will be implemented.
Holders will receive $DIVINE tokens that can be used for staking and voting on the DAO.


Community Funds will be held in the Venture Capital DAO meaning that you as a holder of a Divine has the ability to invest in new NFT Projects by simply voting with your $DIVINE Tokens. You also receive a stake in the investment we make depending on your $DIVINE Holdings.

Divine Humans

The Robots are in need of a larger army to support their cause.. The Divine Humans are now in the final stage of being created but the Robots need your help..  Which side will you help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have.

How many of the Divine Robots can be minted?

There can only ever be 7666 Divine Robots. 7 Representing the holiest number while 666 represents the unholy.

Where can  I mint a Divine Robot?

You can only mint a Divine Robot at our website by clicking the "Mint" button once minting is enabled.

What is the price to mint a Divine Robot?

Each Divine Robot costs 0.0666 ETH. Maximum mint TBA soon...

Which wallets will be supported for the mint?

We strongly recommend using Metamask for the smoothest experience.